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A Wabash education will maximize your graduate school and job opportunities and position you for leadership in whatever field you choose. The 2021 Princeton Review college guide ranked Wabash among the best nationally in Great Professors, Professor Accessibility, and Great Classroom Experience, so it's no surprise that your successful path to graduation starts in the classroom.

Top-Ranked Majors

All 40 Wabash degree programs rank in the top 17 percent of the nation's nearly 1,400 four-year colleges with several of our programs ranking in the top 1 percent. The quality of teaching and mentoring you get here will make a HUGE difference to what you learn and the impact your learning has on success.

WabashX programs

Supercharge your major with WabashX – our high-impact, experiential learning program at the forefront of business innovation, global health, digital media, and civic leadership.

Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship
Develop business, consulting, and entrepreneurial skills
Global Health
Transforming students to have global and local impact
Digital Arts and Media
Build your creative portfolio
Democracy and Public Discourse
Leadership through communication and community engagement

Degree Partnerships

You will get a much higher quality of undergraduate education at Wabash than you can get from a big research university, and these programs mean you can lock in a prestigious post-graduate degree:

Purdue, Columbia, or Washington University
Indiana University Kelley School of Business
Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business ESTEEM
DePaul University
Driehaus College of Business
Wake Forest University
Indiana University Maurer and McKinney Schools of Law
Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University O’Neill School of Public Affairs
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